Terms and Condtions

Terms and Conditions (adapted from Sample Wiki Warranty @ TeachersFirst.com)

All students and participants in this wiki project must agree to the terms and conditions of this agreement.

No student may edit or delete the work of another without including a written explanation for the changes in the Discussion area for that page.

The teachers, Ms H and Ms M will make every reasonable effort to monitor conduct on the class wiki in order to maintain a positive learning community. All participants will respect each other’s time and efforts by supporting the same positive approach.

No student or other participant may include any information or images on the site that could compromise the safety of her/himself or other wiki members. Avoid specific comments about our location or timetables, if they would be visible to outsiders.

No student shall intentionally, nor unintentionally post messages in any wikispace forums/discussions encouraging others to visit a certain wikispace or website. This is viewed as "spamming" and will result in the deactivation of a student's account at wikispaces.

All participants will be respectful in their postings and edits. No inappropriate language, personal insults, swearing, spam, racist, sexist or discriminatory remarks, or threatening comments will be tolerated.

No student or other participant may post, comment, or change settings on the site in violation of these terms and conditions.

All participants must protect their log-in and password information, as well as class passwords (if any). If participants suspect that a password has been compromised, he/she must notify the teacher immediately.

No participant may share his/her log-in information or protected information about the site with anyone who is not a participant. This includes adding trackbacks or other means by which outsiders can access the site without permission.

Any participant who is aware of violations of this agreement by others must report these violations to Ms H or Ms M immediately both verbally and in writing (email or note).

All use of the wiki must be in accordance with the school’s Acceptable Use Policy, including entries made from computers outside of school.

Uncited use of copyrighted material in wiki postings, files, or comments will be deemed as plagiarism and punished accordingly.

No posting or edit may facilitate or promote illegal activity, either overtly or by implication.